The shoulder is a complex joint with an extremely high range of motion, unfortunately this range comes at the expense of stability. This means that the surrounding muscles must be fully functional to maintain the stability of the joint and prevent injury. It has a tough job lifting, carrying and moving and all this with just 5 muscles/tendons holding it stable. The muscles moving and supporting the arm can get a serious work out causing them to become aggravated, tired and tight. Some may even tear, which can be very painful.


Initially our practitioners will assess your shoulder to determine if your pain is originating from within the joint capsule itself or from the surrounding stabiliser muscles. Often the neck can also play a role in shoulder pain, so we will make sure your neck muscles and joints are also assessed and working effectively.


The treatment options will depend on the underlying problem. Our practitioners, when treating the shoulder, use advanced dry needling, Graston Therapy skills (instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy), mobilisation and manipulation. They may also give you specific exercises to help strengthen the shoulder once your pain and discomfort is improved to prevent re-injury.

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