Our ever-increasing sedentary lifestyle is leading to more and more adults experiencing lower back pain. Whether it be long hours sitting at a desk, hunched over a bench or standing in the same position, it is these sustained postures or repetitive movements that are causing us harm. Our practitioners will work with you to get you out of acute pain and then provide advice on lifestyle habits, exercise and nutrition to prevent re-injury and reach your wellness goals. We are also fully equipped to assess your complaint and to determine if there is a more sinister cause for your pain.


Our team are highly experienced and trained in completing a thorough examination of your lower back, to determine the source of your pain. We start with a history of your complaint, which can identify many factors for your diagnosis. Following this we look at your range of movement and complete a neurological and orthopaedic examination. This, along with your history, will lead to a working diagnosis and a personally tailored treatment plan. If our team requires any further information, we will refer you for a spinal x-ray or MRI if deemed necessary.


The individually tailored treatment plan will depend solely on the working diagnosis of your practitioner. We will base our treatment methods off the most up to date evidence and your wellness goals to help you reach your full potential and to prevent any further aggravation of your complaint. We will continually discuss your prognosis with you and let you know the anticipated time it will take until recovery is reached.

Types of treatments we commonly use in the clinic for lower back pain are spinal manipulation, mobilisation, dry needling, activator method, lumbar traction, flexion distraction, kinesiology taping, stretching techniques and home exercise programs.

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