Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, however some women are plagued with muscle and joint pain during pregnancy, which can make the experience less enjoyable.
With pregnancy comes an array of changes and one of these is the production of the hormone relaxin. Relaxin aids in the relaxation of the ligaments of the joints. This ligament laxity allows room for baby growth but also to aid in the birth of your baby. The downfall of this, along with loss of core stability, is the resultant aches and pain of pregnancy.
The good news is we can help to relieve your discomfort with gentle and safe techniques for you and your baby.


At Bare Motion, we have facilities available that are specific to the treatment of pregnant patients, allowing you to lay on your stomach during treatment. Our practitioners have each done courses’ involving the treatment of your pregnancy concerns and related pains. They will asses the joints and muscles around your lower back and pelvis to determine the cause of your pain. We will then work towards alleviating your discomfort as soon as possible.


Our practitioners will adapt their treatment methods depending on which stage of pregnancy you are in and your complaint. As well as mobilisations and manipulations, we also have softer treatment options including pelvic blocks and activator that may be more comfortable in the later stages. They may also use techniques such as kinesiology taping and dry needling to help alleviate your discomfort and provide bracing to increase support.

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