Scoliosis, in simplistic terms, is abnormal curvature of the spine that can occur in any direction. Most commonly the cause is unknown, however there are some congenital causes for the curvature. Our practitioners are trained in the specific orthopaedic tests that can pick up scoliosis in the spine. It can then be diagnosed by a trained health professional with x-ray after the clinical examination has been performed and scoliosis suspected.

Approximately 80% of scoliosis will develop in adolescents with a high proportion being pre-pubescent females. Generally, the earlier in age the scoliosis is detected along with higher curvature angle; the chances of progression are higher, due to the remaining amount of growth the person may have. In these cases, specific exercises and bracing is crucial for reversal and progression control.
Often, as children enter puberty changes, parents or guardians may notice a hump in the child’s mid-back when bending forward. This can sometimes be just postural however there may be an underlying scoliosis. There is no clinical correlation that scoliosis results in pain and in fact many people with scoliosis are only really concerned with the aesthetic aspect (the way they look).

Bare Motion is an evidence-based practice. This means we adhere to practical guidelines set out in International Standards of treatment (SOSORT) and monitor our scoliosis closely for progression and refer as soon as we see any progression clinically and radiologically.


If a mild scoliosis is detected, we offer symptom control, postural and lifestyle advice and monitor closely for progression. If a progression is noted, we refer either to your GP for specialist management or Perth Scoliosis Clinic for specific exercise prescription.

Please note, poor management of Scoliosis can be detrimental, so it is paramount that you find a practitioner who adheres to Evidence Based Guidelines.

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