Management of sport, work or motor related injuries
Chiropractic: the art & science of healing by hand
Your health, is our priority

Why People Come to Us?

We receive many referrals across Perth, from local GP’s and Occupational Therapists to word of mouth referrals from family and friends of patients. This is because we offer the following benefits:

Honest and open communication in regards to your pain

No heavy scheduling or unnecessary treatment plans 

Online booking 24 hours for your convenience

Gentle, evidence proven techniques to reduce your pain quickly as possible

Rehabilitation/exercise programs complimentary to your treatment

A team of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Dietitians and Soft Tissue Therapist who all work closely with a common goal

Patient centred care, not practitioner centred

If you’d like to know more about our clinic, feel free to call our clinic directly. We can advise you of the best practitioner for you and your complaint: 9203 8313

We help take care of your body


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