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Shoulder pain can occur gradually or can be a sudden and constant pain. It can be at the front of the shoulder or at the back, closer to the scapula bone. It is important that you have your shoulder pain assessed by a qualified health professional.

The shoulder is the most mobile of joints in the body and has a tough job lifting, carrying and moving and all this with just 5 muscles/tendons holding it stable.  The poor muscles moving and supporting the arm can get a serious work out.  It’s no wonder these muscles become aggravated, tired and tight. Some may even tear, which can be very painful.

What happens when I see a Chiropractor for my shoulder pain?

Initially our chiropractors will assess your shoulder to work out if it’s inside the capsule of the shoulder or related to the muscles around the shoulder. Often the neck can also play a role in shoulder pain, so our chiropractor will make sure your neck muscles and joints are also working effectively. This assessment usually takes only 10 – 15 minutes and can give our Chiropractor a good idea of the cause to your pain.


Treatments available to our Chiropractors

The treatment options will depend on the underlying problem. Our Chiropractors use their advanced dry needling and graston therapy skills when it comes to treating the shoulder. They can also give you specific exercises to help strengthen the shoulder once your pain and discomfort is improved. If you suffer with bursitis, we can also give you some home care advice to help manage your pain which you recover. 

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