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Newborn or Baby Chiropractic

At Trigg Chiropractic, we are Inspiral trained in the gentle treatment of musckoskeletal problems in newborn and older babies. Inspiral is a form of neurology based treatment and does not involve any spinal manipulation. We use gentle pressing techniques around the cranium to relieve dural tension and improve neural function of your baby. We also look at pelvic and hip joints.

What complaints can gentle chiropractic help with?  At Trigg Chiropractic, we may be able to assist with the following problems:

  • delayed integration of primitive reflexes 
  • sleeping or feeding difficulties
  • inability to turn their head to one side 
  • mildly mishapen head (positional plagiocephaly)
  • poor sucking technique or favouring one breast
  • preference rolling to one side
  • unsettled or crying baby **

What is involved in my baby’s treatment? The initial consultation is based mainly around history taking from the parent or guardian to ascertain if the case is suitable for Chiropractic. Often we will work closely with your Child Health Nurse and GP to ensure all medical aspects of your baby has been assessed. If we deem your case suitable for Chiropractic, we will use this time to give you the evidence in regards to your baby and how to assist with their complaint. This is also a time for you to get to know us and feel assured that your baby is in the safest hands. Once we have established a thorough history, we will assess the following:

  • assessment of:
    • growth and development in relation to averages
    • primitive and integrated reflexes (12 months and under)
    •  joint movement of the hips including tests to rule out hip dysplasia
    • suck for breastfeeding

Treatment is then tailored to your baby’s needs and involves gentle cranial and dural release techniques. Please note we do NOT ADVOCATE spinal manipulation for any children under the age of 12 years of age, including babies. ** In regards to the unsettled baby, we adhere to the following guidelines: Clinical Guidelines for the Crying Baby