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Restore Your Movement

In this phase, we hope that you are finally in full recovery and more than likely feeling great! Our aim in this phase is to ensure that it stays that way. Statistically, if you have one pain event in your life, the chances are that another event occurring is pretty slim. However if your complaint is chronic or it is more than your first episode, it is likely that abnormal ‘engrams’ have set in. An engram is a memory pathway that your brain sets up in response to pain or injury. This could be something like the inhibition of the Vastus Medialis muscle of the quads following Knee injury. Our aim in this phase is to override these engrams or memories allowing you to return to full recovery without fear of re-occurrence. This phase is achieved through:

  • Maintenance Chiropractic Appointments, if deemed necessary
  • Weekly Clinical Pilates classes
  • Home Exercise Daily Program
  • Education and Advice
  • Referral to a local Exercise Physiologist or Movement Coach