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Rebuild Your Body

After the initial inflammatory phase is reduced, patients tend to start experience tightness and tension in the area that has been affected. This is a natural response to the injury and generally takes 2 – 4 weeks in the acute phase to settle. This second phase of care, whether chronic or acute, is the most important phase as it will affect how quickly you recover and also assist prevent re-injury by addressing any muscle imbalances.

During the rebuild phase we usually refer you to our in house Soft Tissue Therapist to help relieve the muscle tightness and tension. In conjunction to this, we keep the joints in optimal movement through weekly treatments until you reach the 6 week mark where we usually reassess your complaint to see if you’re ready for discharge or a short term maintenance plan is recommended (this is usually for more chronic patients). This process is to ensure your pain  levels are maintained and the original complaint does not reoccur.

In this phase we offer the following care:

  • Chiropractic Manual Therapy
  • Advanced Dry Needling
  • Soft Tissue Therapy/Physiotherapy
  • Home based Rehabilitation programs to strengthen weakened muscles
  • Education and Advice

Following this period, you are booked in for a 30 minute Re-Assessment to see how you have progressed and to also highlight any residual muscle imbalances or secondary issues that may have arisen. Following this phase, you are either discharged with a Home Based Rehabilitation program or we advise that a short term of Maintenance appointments may be neccessary. This may be if your pain is still lingering or if your complaint is chronic in nature (longer than 6 months). It is usually in this phase that we encourage you to start our Clinical Pilates classes.