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5 Tips for Improving Posture during Pregnancy

Written by Dr Emily Arnett (Trigg Chiropractic CHIROPRACTOR) During pregnancy the body goes through many changes in order to adapt and these

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The Deadlift: friend of foe for back pain?

The Deadlift by Niki McGuinness (Chiropractor) If you had asked me 12 months ago about the deadlift, I would have told all

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Choosing Wisely recommendations for low back pain

Being an Evidence Based practice, we are working hard to change opinions about Chiropractic and how we manage patients with Chronic Pain.

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Scoliosis care in Children: the evidence

Scoliosis care in Children: the evidence There are some conflicting thoughts in Chiropractic over the management of Scoliosis in Children. We are

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ice or heat?

A common question: ice or heat for pain? We often see a lot of confusion around whether to use ice or heat.

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Scapular setting for chronic neck pain – why?

Why do we care about ‘scapular setting’ If you come to see us for neck pain, you will no doubt be given

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Chiropractic and Massage Therapy

How does  Remedial Massage and Chiropractic work so beautifully together?  By Paul Ashburne (Sports Soft Tissue Therapist) In my experience, Chiropractic treatment

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What could be causing my shoulder to hurt?

What could be causing my shoulder pain? By Dr Niki McGuinness (Chiropractor) The shoulder is probably one of the most complex joints

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5 Tips for Sore Hips

5 TIPS FOR SORE HIPS? I often have patients come in complaining of sore ‘hips’ and generally they will point to either

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5 tactics to help ease your headache

Written by Dr Niki McGuinness (Chiropractor) Under the ICHD-3 Classification of Headaches, there are over a thousand possible causes of headache. In

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