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5 Tips for Sore Hips


I often have patients come in complaining of sore ‘hips’ and generally they will point to either the back of the pelvis, the buttocks or the lateral side of the pelvis which the ‘hip’ bone sticks out (this is the greater trochanter of the femur). Generally pain is these points of pain are most likely related to the SI Joint, hip bursitis or just plain old referral pain from the lumbar discs or muscles. True hip pain (problems within the hip joint itself) usually manifests with pain deep in the groin at the front if the ‘hip’ area. Often GP’s will usually refer for Ultrasound imaging of the hip joint because pain in and around this area is quite difficult to fully diagnose without proper imaging.

In the absence of hip pathology, what can you do to ease the pain of the ‘hip’

    Well, first you have to see one of our great Chiropractors to make sure it is actually true hip pain. Usually a couple of orthopaedic tests of the hip will clear this up and if further imaging is required, we can send you for this. Often enough, the pain is just related to a straight old SIJ problem resulting in some associated hip bursitis (especially seen in older women) and can be treated in-house. As can any muscular issues that may be referring into the hip region, such as hip flexors.
  2. MOBILITY, MOBILITY and more MOBILITY: Many people who have low back problems, inevitably have hip tightness. Whether this is a response or a cause to the low back pain we do not know, but what we do know is that hips are meant to be mobile. When they lose this, they tend to worsen the low back instability. So getting a good mobility program will definitely help any hip pain, even hip pathology such as labral tears or impingement
    My favourite stretch for the hip is the seated piriformis stretch shown below. You should feel this ‘burn’ in your buttock and is great for glut tightness. If you have seen me for low back pain, i would have given this to you. To do it, you sit in a chair with your leg crossed over the other leg in a frog position and just lean forward. Make sure you keep your back nice and straight and you hinge from the hip joint.
  4. SWIM
    Swimming is great as a non weight bearing exercise for the hip. When you remove gravity, it allows movement and exercise without the pressure of weight within the joint. I usually recommend a good 30 minute walking in water as hip therapy followed with a final gentle swim. This is especially great if you have been diagnosed with hip osteo arthritis.
    Yep, ultimately hip problems will cause a inhibition of the glut muscles so if you want your hip to improve you have to get onto those gluts. If you’re not sure what exercises to do, make sure you ask one of our Chiros at your next appointment – we are gurus in Glut exercises!

If you would be interested in a FREE hip mobility class, please let Niki know and she will be happy to create one and show you some great hip mobility techniques with the mobility band, ball and stretches. Just email if you’re interested and we can work out the best time for you.