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Scoliosis care in Children: the evidence

Scoliosis care in Children: the evidence

There are some conflicting thoughts in Chiropractic over the management of Scoliosis in Children. We are trained to believe that the scoliosis is inflexible in nature and therefore we must improve flexibility of the curve in order to improve symptoms. However, evidence is emerging that in fact a scoliosis in peak growth is actually unstable. This means, if you continue to add more flexibility during the growth phase, you will actually worsen the curve and not actually reduce it. It is important, that if your child has a scoliosis and they still have a fair amount of growing to do, that your child is in the best hands. Curve progression can actually be halted with the right management (bracing and active care) and in fact the curve can be reversed, as long it has not progressed too far.


At Trigg Chiropractic, we are primary carers and so we are able to manage children who have a scoliosis under 20 degrees. We have a monitoring system in place which allows us to closely document and monitor children and if we have any concerns of progression, we have close contact with Perth Scoliosis Clinic and local GP’s who can assist in referral and management. We adhere to SOSORT guidelines of management, which is the recommended evidence based guidelines internationally used.

It is also important you are given the correct advice in regards to your child and the type of exercise they can do. Axial loading exercise can increase the curve progression and so can stretching or exercise such as yoga. Our Chiropractors can advise on the appropriate exercise for your child.

If you have any concerns over the management of your child’s scoliosis, please call us today to have your child assessed by one of our trained and specialised Chiropractors. We will either refer you to the appropriate specialists or we will give you the advice and monitor your child closely. Call us on 9203 8313 or check out our website  We are located in Trigg, not far from Scarborough and Karrinyup and central to Dungraig and Carine.