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low back pain


Your low back is constantly under strain from activities of normal life, such as prolonged sitting or home duties such as cleaning. Everything we do should be in moderation and sometimes this is difficult when we have to work long hours for our job or we have children that constantly need carrying or picking up. When we are young, our bodies can compensate for this postural stress  however as we age, our musculoskeletal system can no longer compensate and some people begin to experience pain. This pain can be acute (new onset) or it can become chronic.

If you experience low back pain once in your life, the chance of you experiencing it again is minimal. However, the more times you experience low back pain, you more likely the pain is going to develop into a chronic problem and it is important that you get treatment for it. Many people ask me why they suddenly have pain and sometimes it has a lot to do with postural stresses, however sometimes things such as sleeping position or mattress can have an impact on the prevalence of your low back pain.

In addition to structural causes of low back pain, there is shown to be emotional and dietary factors associated with chronic low back pain development. Emotional stress can be almost pivotal in the recovery of a patient with low back pain and i often address these factors by giving advice on how to combat stress in everyday life. Smoking and diet also plays a part in the incidence of low back pain, in particular high sugar diets are becoming common knowledge to cause an increase widespread inflammation,  so an anti-inflammatory diet is usually recommended.

In regards to Chiropractic Care for low back pain, we adopt a three tier approach to care. Phase one involves the reduction of inflammation and pain through treatments such as dry needling, taping, ice regime and of course spinal joint care. This phase can take between 2 – 6 treatments over a period of 2 weeks. Once the pain is reduced and inflammation subsides, we can then look to the cause of your pain and  at give you home care exercises in order to improve any muscle imbalances that occur after injury. Generally phase three care is either discharge with home exercises or sometimes we recommend 3 – 6 months of 6 weekly maintenance appointments, just to stay on top of the complaint while you build strength.

If you’re the type of person who does not want to adhere to exercise, then generally, if you have chronic low back pain, we advise regular 6 – 8 weekly treatments in order to keep the joints mobile and free from inflammation and muscle tightness.

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