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5 Tips for Improving Posture during Pregnancy

Written by Dr Emily Arnett (Trigg Chiropractic CHIROPRACTOR)

During pregnancy the body goes through many changes in order to adapt and these changes can result in some aches and pains. As you move further through your pregnancy the hormonal changes alter and soften the surrounding ligaments that support the pelvis and spine. Around 76% of females report low back pain at sometime during their pregnancy with the most common reason being due to sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Here are 5 tips to improve posture during pregnancy and help prevent low back pain:

  1. Keep your feet parallel

Next time you’re standing in a queue or waiting to pick the kids up from school, look down at your feet and see how you are standing. Make sure your toes are pointing forward and your feet are hip width apart. As your belly gets bigger you will be more inclined to stand with your feet further and further apart. Keeping the toes pointed forward and the feet hip width apart will help to support your pelvis and spine and improve posture.


  1. Keep your pelvis level

As your belly grows your center of gravity will continue to change. Women commonly curve their lower back to compensate for this. This can put unnecessary pressure through the discs and sacroiliac joints, which can sometimes lead to chronic low back pain. When you are standing imagine you are pulling your tailbone towards the ground and pull your belly button towards your spine. You should feel your lower back straighten and your gluts tighten.


  1. Keep your knees unlocked

Try not to lock your knees when standing straight as this causes an increase arch in the lower back. Keep the knees soft and slightly bent when standing. By doing this you’ll reduce the arch in your low back and help prevent the possibility of getting low back pain.


  1. Bring your shoulders and chin back

While you’re standing or sitting, breath in and out a few times and try to squeeze the shoulder blades together and tuck the chin back. This will promote good posture and help prevent tightness and pain along the shoulders.


  1. See a Chiropractor!

This is where we come in! As Chiropractors we are trained to look at how the joints are moving and correct any movement dysfunction we come across in order to help prevent pain and discomfort. Chiropractic care during pregnancy is safe and effective and will help to reduce these stresses on the spine, ensure proper pelvic balance and increase overall comfort.

At Trigg Chiropractic, all our Chiropractors are trained to care for the pregnant patient and musculoskeletal complaints such as pregnancy sciatica or pregnancy neck pain. We have a table with abdominal swing away so you can lie on your tummy throughout the whole treatment. Depending on the type of treatment you like, we can use just the activator during your pregnancy or we can still use manual spinal manipulation throughout all of your pregnancy. 

We are located in Trigg, and care for pregnancy patients living in Scarborough, Karrinyup, Duncraig and surrounds. We have parking directly in front of the clinic and offer 24 hour online booking for your convenience.



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