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Chiropractic and Massage Therapy

How does  Remedial Massage and Chiropractic work so beautifully together?  By Paul Ashburne (Sports Soft Tissue Therapist)

In my experience, Chiropractic treatment and massage work very well together.  Chiropractors can work wonders on rebalancing the movement dysfunction of the spinal joints but sometimes the body can be so stiff & locked up due to habitual patterns or overuse, that it tries to resist  the chiropractic adjustments.  Having a a remedial massage prior to any chiropractic work will help to relax any muscular spasms and soft tissue tightness.  Muscles move joints while ligaments & fascia supports them. If an area of spinal stiffness with a lot of tension in the surrounding muscles is  adjusted without addressing the soft tissue problem, then the tight muscles and attaching tendons and fascia can then pull on the spinal joints making them stiffen  up again and the pain may return .
Massage is good for people who are under constant stress and tension .
Being aware of the signs your body gives you for spinal stress is important so that you can seek treatment on time and being proactive and will result in less discomfort  and pain from the likes of Sciatica ,impinged nerves which causes painful tingling into arms hands, legs and feet .  This is why it is important to address spinal problems immediately.
People with muscular tension who combine chiropractic treatment and massage  therapy may see better faster and longer lasting results because their pain is often due to both soft tissue tightness and spinal joint dysfunction. Both offer natural drug free techniques that can be used as a preventive as well as restorative therapies. When used in combination they can help you maintain your optimum health and enjoy a pain free life to the fullest