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Phyt Physiotherapy with Melissa

Expert Physiotherapist in Trigg

Phyt Physiotherapy operates out of Trigg Chiropractic rooms, and prides itself on providing quality one-on-one consultations with a highly trained, experienced physiotherapist. We use the latest evidence-based joint mobilisations, manipulations, soft/deep tissue massage, dry needling techniques, muscle re-education, clinical pilates and supervised gym programs. We will guide you from initial injury and retrain your postural and stabilizing muscles of the ‘core’ to allow full return to previous pain-free capacity.

What we treat:

  • Lower back pain, mid back pain and neck pain whether it be related to sporting injury or the ‘office workers posture’ for example.
  • Overuse injuries such as Tennis Elbow, Achilles tendinopathy etc…
  • Sporting injuries.
  • Joint pain and arthritis.
  • Pre-operative strengthening of the stabilizing muscles to speed up post-op recovery.
  • Post-operative recovery of mobility and strength.
  • Nerve pain such as ‘sciatic’ leg pain.
  • Shoulder/rotator cuff pain and arm pain.

What we use supervised gym programs and clinical pilates for:

  • Strengthening the ‘core’ which includes the deep stomach muscles, deep back extensors and the gluteal stabilisers. A strong ‘core’ supports the spine to decrease the chance of straining the back muscles or discs resulting in back pain. This is important in rehabilitating a back injury as well as preventing a back injury from occurring in the first place. A stable core creates a solid foundation for the remaining joints in the body to move on, therefore retraining the core musculature is also a vital aspect in rehabilitation of peripheral joint injuries.
  • Rehabilitation of sporting injuries including ankle sprains, muscular strains and post-operatively or non-operatively managed ACL injuries for example. The program will be tailored to incorporate the specific movement patterns of your sport so that you can return to full pre-injury function.
  • Managing pain associated with arthritis and osteoporosis and improving bone density through weight-bearing exercise.

For more information, please see Melissa’s direct website: http://www.phytphysiotherapy.com.au/