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Brigitte Newbon is an experienced Australian & UK Registered Physiotherapist & Clinical Pilates Instructor. With her wealth of experience; she has worked with all kinds of musculoskeletal conditions for all age groups from acute to chronic conditions, sports injuries, pre & post operation, pre & postnatal, occupational health, injury management and neuro-rehabilitation.

Brigitte uses modalities such as; manual therapy in the form of joint mobilisation, trigger point therapy, soft/deep tissue massage, dry needling, taping, postural analysis, muscle re- education, clinical pilates and education such as manual handling at home and in the workplace & office ergonomics. With these modalities her aim is to return her clients to full functional activity with the assistance of a suitable home rehabilitation program.

Brigitte loves the outdoors; she is a keen cyclist, hikes, plays golf, swims and snow skis both downhill and cross country. She has experience as a Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates Instructor from all over the world and for the last 12 years has made Perth her home as she especially loves the lifestyle it has to offer.

What our PHYSIOTHERAPIST can treat:

  • Lower back pain, mid back pain and neck pain whether it be related to sporting injury or the ‘office workers posture’ for example.
  • Overuse injuries such as Tennis Elbow, Achilles tendinopathy etc…
  • Sporting injuries.
  • Joint pain and arthritis.
  • Pre-operative strengthening of the stabilizing muscles to speed up post-op recovery.
  • Post-operative recovery of mobility and strength.
  • Nerve pain such as ‘sciatic’ leg pain.
  • Shoulder/rotator cuff pain and arm pain.

What we use clinical pilates for:

  • Strengthening the ‘core’ which includes the deep stomach muscles, deep back extensors and the gluteal stabilisers. A strong ‘core’ supports the spine to decrease the chance of straining the back muscles or discs resulting in back pain. This is important in rehabilitating a back injury as well as preventing a back injury from occurring in the first place. A stable core creates a solid foundation for the remaining joints in the body to move on, therefore retraining the core musculature is also a vital aspect in rehabilitation of peripheral joint injuries.
  • Rehabilitation of sporting injuries including ankle sprains, muscular strains and post-operatively or non-operatively managed ACL injuries for example. The program will be tailored to incorporate the specific movement patterns of your sport so that you can return to full pre-injury function.
  • Managing pain associated with arthritis and osteoporosis and improving bone density through weight-bearing exercise.