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Clinical PilatesClinical Pilates

The benefits of Clinical Pilates is becoming more evident in research. Many due to its restorative and gentle nature of the exercises to build strength in prevention of injury. Usually once your pain has been settled through Chiropractic, Soft Tissue or Physiotherapy treatment, we recommend you do a short course of Clinical Pilates in order to combat the muscle imbalances caused from either injury or repetitive posture stress.

Benefits of Clinical Pilates:

  • Improves your Body’s Stability.
  • Strengthens Your Pelvic Floor.
  • Effective Rehab for an Injury.
  • Injury Prevention.
  • Enhance Balance and Coordination.
  • Posture Correction.

We have two practitioners who run Clinical Pilates in the clinic, which has a maximum of 4 persons and run in the clinic during lunch hours and evenings.We also offer individual Clinical Pilates sessions charged as a treatment for person who wish to have their progress monitored closely.


Cost is $25 per group session.

We currently run classes on the following days:

Monday – Wednesday:          5 – 6pm

Thursday lunchtime class: 12 – 12.45pm

Friday:                                      1 – 2pm