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Dr Niki McGuinness BSc. Chiro;  B.Chiro ; BSc (HONS) Nursing: PRINCIPAL CHIROPRACTOR

Hi, my name is Niki McGuinness and welcome to Trigg Chiropractic & Integrated Health. As well as being the Principal Chiropractor at this practice, I have also been a Registered Nurse for over 15 years.   Following a minor work related back injury I gained a special interest in musculo-skeletal care and experienced the wonders of chiropractic firsthand. This experience created a desire to be able to help others in the same way, and so I commenced my studies at Murdoch University in 2006, to become a chiropractor.

I know many people are afraid of seeing a Chiropractor and it saddens me that there are people who suffer on a daily basis with pain, who could be helped with Chiropractic.  If I were to describe Chiropractic from a personal point of view, it’s almost like an instant sense of peace in your body.  The muscles are relaxed and movement improves (such as turning your head or bending forward).  From a bio-mechanical point of view, Chiropractors look at how well the individual joints are moving, whether in the spine or in joints such as the hip or wrist. If these joints are not moving effectively, the surrounding tissues eventually become stressed or inflamed and the associated muscles will tighten and spasm. Ultimately, this results in varying degrees of pain.

Over the years, as a Chiropractor, I have developed a reputation of being ethical, gentle and caring in my approach to patients. Usually the first appointment is not only about getting to the cause of the problem but also aimed at making you feel at ease and reassured that we will only use treatment techniques that have been agreed by you. For example, many of my patients do not like having their neck manipulated and we find other ways to achieve the same results such as gentle mobilisation or a small adjusting instrument called an activator.

I am registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and a member of the following associations:

  • Chiropractic Australia (formerly known as COCA)
  • Sports Medicine Australia

In addition to being passionate about chiropractic, I am also passionate about my family. I live locally with my husband Troy and two beautiful daughters Soraya and Roxina. My interests include yoga, cycling, travel and you will often find me at the beach on a Sunday morning with my family.