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As we are Sports based Chiropractors, we revel in treating complaints out side of normal spinal care. We are members of Sports Medicine Australia and keep up to date with current topics in care of the athlete. Although we have interests in injury management, we believe the key to caring for the athlete is not in the area  of ‘mopping’ up but in preventing the injury in the first place (we know how much it devastates an athlete when they have to take time out of training and competing due to injury).

Benefits of Chiropractic Care in the Athlete:

Where you are beginner, intermediate or elite level, all athletes would benefit from regular, maintenance Chiropractic care for the following reasons:


Along with performance Chiropractic or Corrective Chiropractic care, we also offer the following incentives for athletes:

  • 30 minute pre-hab/muscle performance assessments with a comprehensive rehab plan
  • discounted ‘affiliate’ prices for sporting club members
  • ‘wellness’ packages offering Chiropractic, Sports Massage and Clinical Nutrition including a comprehensive rehabilitation program to incorporate into your training program
  • Comprehensive injury management and integration program, getting you back into training by working closely with your Team Physiotherapist

If you would like to discuss these options with us please call the Clinic Director on 0434 059 242 or email her at