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Many patients can experience some sort of shoulder pain in their life. It can occur suddenly or gradually over time depending on the cause of the pain. With a lifestyle that involves us hunched over computers with the addition of plenty of stress, it is clear to see why we can develop shoulder pain. In addition,

The shoulder is the most mobile of joints in the body and has a tough job lifting, carrying and moving and all this with just 5 muscles/tendons holding it stable. That’s right, this is no ‘hip and ball’ socket joint. The poor muscles moving and supporting the arm can get a serious work out and it’s no wonder these muscles become aggravated, tired and tight. Some may even tear and this can be very painful.

Our Chiropractors have spent 5 years studying the human body and the way it moves. We are highly trained in diagnosing common problems in the shoulder and many of these complaints are easily treated with Chiropractic Therapy. The most common shoulder complaint is Impingment Syndrome. This is where the pec muscles are so tight, the weaken the posterior rhomboid muscles resulting in a pulling of the humerus out of the normal range of the rotator cuffs. After a while, the bursa around the joint become inflamed ( bursitis) and the rotator cuff weak. This can often then lead to a tear in one of the rotator cuff muscles, normally the most superior muscle, the supraspinatus.

Common conditions of the shoulder our Chiropractors can treat are:

  • Impingment Syndrome – working through those tight pecs while strengthening the rotator cuffs and rhomboids
  • Adhesive Capsulitis (frozen shoulder) – we look at increasing range of motion through stretching techniques of the capsule
  • Rotator Cuff Tear or strain – small tears can be managed with dry needling, associated muscle release
  • Bicipital Tendonitis – this can be treated very simply with some cross friction massage and kinesiology taping
  • Bursitis – this is often not a primary diagnosis and so treatment is about restoring proper muscular function around the shoulder

Other conditions we can treat/ease symptoms: OA of the capsule and AC joint, subscapularis tendinopathy; AC sprain, GH instability,

In addition, your shoulder pain may be coming from your neck, especially if it radiating into the back of the shoulder or between the scapular. Often the facets in the neck, when inflamed, can refer pain into the shoulder.

Our Chiropractors can offer a comprehensive assessment of your shoulder without the need for imaging so if you’re suffering with shoulder pain, ensure you book in with us and we can assess whether we can help you. To book an appointment please book online or call us on 9203 8313.