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Pregnancy is a wonderful experience however some women are plagued with muscle and joint pain during pregnancy which can make the experience less enjoyable.  Niki McGuinness, the Principal Chiropractor, has helped many women with pain during their pregnancies. Common complaints she sees are sciatic/buttock pain, pubic pain, rib pain, neck pain and headaches, low back pain and even hip pain. These complaints are often due to the laxity in the ligaments along with the changing structure of your body as the baby grows bigger and heavier.

Niki uses gentle techniques with pregnant women as often they prefer a more light approach. Niki gives you the option to opt for only activator (a light adjusting tool) which means you can lie on your tummy throughout the treatment (she has a pregnancy table to allow baby space). Often her patients are surprised at how gentle the treatment is. If you are nervous of Chiropractic care while you are pregnant, Niki is happy to chat to you about the techniques available to you – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Please call Niki directly if you wish to discuss your complaint: 9203 8313