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Disc bulge/prolapse of the low back


A disc bulge in the low back (lumbar spine) is very common and often these findings are incidental findings on CT scan, meaning that many people who have disc bulges in their lumbar spine do not necessarily have symptoms of low back or leg pain.

Acute disc herniation or bulge, can causes sudden onset of low back pain with or without leg pain past the knee. Usually, with tears within the disc, low back pain is experienced however with discs that herniate and compress the spinal nerve, leg pain is greater. Pain is described as sharp and shooting and usually worse when bending forward.

Prognosis for disc herniation/bulge will depend on the severity of the bulge. Approximately 75% of lumbar disc herniations will resolve within a 6 month period (Vizniak, 2009). Sometimes, surgery may be warranted if a trial of conservative care is not successful (usually after 6 – 12 weeks).

Niki (the Principal Chiropractor) offers Flexion Distraction therapy for symptom control of lumbar disc bulges. This involves a light, stretching table which helps to lower the pressure within the disc. Niki is happy to discuss flexion distraction therapy with you so call today to talk her directly: 9203 8313