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Specialised Chiropractors – What we treat

Our busy lives can really take a toll on our bodies with stress, work, children and most of our days spent sitting and hunched over a computer screen. Or you may be active in sport but find that pain is really limiting what you can achieve. We see many complaints in our clinic but the most common are definitely low back pain, neck pain, sciatica and headaches.

To begin with, our Chiropractors must assess your complaint by taking a thorough history and physical examination. From this, they can tailor your treatment program based on your diagnosis and comfort. We have two Chiropractors currently, Niki McGuinness is the Principal Chiropractor and owner of Trigg Chiropractic. For more information on her treatment techniques and interests, please see her profile under Meet The Team.

As specialised Chiropractors, we are highly trained in the diagnosis and we are committed to provide patient centred, evidence based chiropractic care for residents of Trigg, Scarborough, Karrinyup and surrounds.