Management of sport, work or motor related injuries
Chiropractic: the art & science of healing by hand
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Welcome to Trigg Chiropractic & Integrated Health. We are a team of dedicated professionals who will treat you with respect and honesty. Our professionalism and genuine care sets us as leaders in our field with a reputation for excellence in service.

With over 10 years experience our Chiropractors and Soft Tissue Therapists, have extensive knowledge in management of muscle and joint pain. As well as helping those with chronic or acute pain, we can also assist with pregnancy and care suitable for the elderly

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  • Scapular setting for chronic neck pain – why?

    Why do we care about ‘scapular setting’ If you come to see us for neck pain, you will no doubt be given

  • Chiropractic and Massage Therapy

    How does  Remedial Massage and Chiropractic work so beautifully together?  By Paul Ashburne (Sports Soft Tissue Therapist) In my experience, Chiropractic treatment

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